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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Articles to Share

I'm thrilled to share two more articles I was interviewed for.  One is on the pros and cons of mommy cliques, and how to cope with them.  The other is on some of the friendship changes that take place in your mid 20s, and how to manage them.

Mommy Cliques by Lucy Adams

An excerpt:
"When functioning well, however, mom groups lighten life’s load. Securing a circle of support can be critical to a woman’s well-being. A group of women with a common tie makes a great sounding board for each other when working out solutions to problems. The group is a safe place to vent frustrations and receive encouragement. Group members bring out the best in each other. They cheer on successes, and when crisis strikes they arrive with casseroles. A strong clique of female friends provides a sense of place and belonging in a world in which families are far-flung from their roots."

Why Friendship Changes In Your Mid20s by Danielle Page

An excerpt:
"Expectations change. According to Nicole, all friendships come with expectations — expectations that our friend will show up when we schedule plans, expectations that our friend will call us back when she had to take another call, etc. It’s not unusual for expectations to change as you become busier and have more responsibilities. Maybe your friend can’t spend as much time with you, or isn’t there for you during a difficult time due to her own busy schedule, so you have to shift your expectations of this friend.
It’s important to acknowledge that one friend can’t do everything or be everything. Learn to honor your friendship’s limits, and to appreciate what your friend does do."


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