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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun Friendship Book

If you're looking for an entertaining and amusing activity to do with your BFFs, I'd recommend getting your hands on 101 Quizzes for BFFs: Crazy Fun Tests To See Who Knows Best! by Natasha Burton.  You can choose from "would you still hang out with me if..." questions and hypothetical "what would you do" situations to truth and dare type of questions and scenarios.  There's also situations in which you have to think fast and give the answer that comes right to your mind.  I like how Burton states in the introduction that there is no right or wrong way to use the book, and that some of the scenarios and questions may not apply to you and your friend.  Therefore, you're welcome to use the book how you see fit based on the type and level of friendship.

I couldn't wait go through the book with one of my best friends, who lives in another state.  I asked some silly questions and then would ask the more serious ones.  By the second or third question, we were giggling like children when she would share her answers.   I liked the variety and how some of the questions led to interesting discussions.  I also gained more knowledge about my best friend, which I appreciated.

Old or young, this book provides an opportunity to get even closer to your BFF (yes, it's possible!) and of course, have a good time!  You may find out even more juicy information about your friend and vice versa.  So go ahead and invite your BFFs over, get Burton's book and be prepared to laugh...A LOT!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have received mixed feedback on my Huffington Post article 4 Reasons Why I'm Not Watching The HBO Show Girls This Season.

Some people agree with what I wrote, such that they also could not get into the show; while others expressed reasons why they like the show.

What are your thoughts? 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Positive Spin on Not Having a Best Friend in Your 20s

I came across this interesting article:
7 Amazing Things You Gain When You Don't Have A 'Best Friend' In Your 20s by Rebecca Adams

Adams discusses the reality of getting older, including how we become busier with work responsibilities and family life, as well as how time is more limited.  Instead of looking at this transitional time as a negative experience, she puts a positive spin on the wonderful things that can happen.

Below are two of the seven things you gain:
"You make room for new types of relationships.
If you and your bestie are finishing each other's sentences, it might be hard for anyone else to enter the picture, platonically or otherwise. As your relationship with your best friend matures, you'll become more accessible to people, even ones who've been around all along. Maybe you'll finally grab that happy hour drink with your co-worker or you'll realize that your next-door neighbor is actually pretty funny (and also shamelessly watches "Say Yes To The Dress")."

"You might discover different sides to yourself.
It can be easy to default to the "you" that you are around your best friend, even if you're a multi-faceted snowflake of a person. Surrounding yourself with different people more often can allow you to discover a side to yourself you didn't even know existed. Sure, you're a 12-year-old goofball around your best friend, but you might just be a film noir buff in-the-making, too -- and you should allow yourself to try that on for size more often."

What do you think?  Would you add any other things?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Huffington Post Articles

I'm thrilled to share these articles that were featured on Huffington Post!

Girl Fight or Cat Fight?
I discuss the latest New Girl episode and how female friendship is portrayed.

The Inquisition of Singledom at Holiday Parties
Not a female friendship-related article, but I'm sure many women can relate to my candid experience of being single around the holidays.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friendship Breakups

I want to share an article I was sent by a new(ish) friend.  I have known this woman for quite some time, but only recently got to know her better through spending time with her at a women's expo (see last month's post on women's expo).

In Why Ending A Friendship Is So Much Harder Than Ending A Romantic Relationship, Kat George does a fabulous (and realistic) job pointing out how difficult friendship breakups are, as well as reasons why they are so challenging to experience.  I address these issues in my book, including how similar friendships are to romantic relationships in terms of how close we can get to our friend, and how painful and devastating the breakup can feel.

Below are two excerpts from the article:
 "Over time, all relationships change. Friends come and go, most of them without much ceremony. One minute you’re partying with Irina, and the next minute you’re brunching with Georgia. There’s no hard feelings, but rather a recognition that as you grow up, schedules fill quickly, and long absences from friends aren’t necessarily earth shattering or revelatory. It’s the circle of social life. But what happens when you consciously and dramatically de-friend someone that was especially close to you is absolutely cataclysmic. When that one person, your BFF perhaps, to whom you text every mundanity of your every day life, who knows you inside and out, whose side you are always by, betrays you, hurts you, or otherwise removes themselves from your life in some very obvious capacity, it can be more destructive that the loss of any romantic partner you’ve ever experienced."

"At the end of a relationship, “getting back on the horse” is one of the best and most helpful things you can do. Starting to date again can be scary, but it’s also wildly fun and at least very distracting. Finding a new friend is not that easy. People just don’t prioritize “new friends” the way they did when they were younger, so between existing friends, personal relationships and careers, it can be very difficult to meet a new potential BFF. There’s no OKCupid for friendship." 

Friendship breakups are emotionally tough and that's why it's incredibly important to give yourself time to grieve and process all of your emotions.  In my book, I go into more depth about letting go, and helpful ways to do so.

How have you managed a friendship breakup?