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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thoughts About Women's Expo

A few weekends ago, I attended the Arizona Ultimate Women's Expo as an exhibitor, where I sold and signed my book alongside two other female authors.  As women would pass by the booth and catch a glimpse of my book's title, it was interesting to watch the reactions, which ranged from laughter to some funny comment said to the woman they came to the event with to "OMG! That is so true!" to "I have no female friends."  Yes, it was quite a range! 

What surprised me the most was when women would walk up to the booth and state that they couldn't relate to the book's title because they had no female friends.  I tend to be direct and outgoing, so I simply asked them why that was so.  Answers ranged from: "Females are drama" to "Females are b$%^&@s" (said in a very matter of fact way) to some other choice curse word about females.  Not only was I surprised by these answers, but I was also sad that these women haven't had positive experiences, and because of that, they stay away from other females....very far, far away.

This is one of the many reasons I wrote this book: to have an open discussion about these experiences we've all had, and to not let these experiences stop you from seeking and then having healthy, positive female friendships.  It was clear that a lot of these women at the expo had a story regarding female friendship; a story most likely negative, and even emotionally painful, and thus, that is why they reacted the way they did to the book's title.

To these women, I want to say that things can change.  That you don't have to be afraid of having female friendships, and when you seek healthy people, you will have healthy relationships.  Yes, females can be drama, they can be mean, and they can be difficult...but so can males!  It's important and fulfilling to have female friends.  So, reach out to an old friend, or get out there and meet some new people.  Get out of your comfort zone and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn that females aren't so bad.  And then you'll finally understand and be able to relate to my book!

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