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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Positive Spin on Not Having a Best Friend in Your 20s

I came across this interesting article:
7 Amazing Things You Gain When You Don't Have A 'Best Friend' In Your 20s by Rebecca Adams

Adams discusses the reality of getting older, including how we become busier with work responsibilities and family life, as well as how time is more limited.  Instead of looking at this transitional time as a negative experience, she puts a positive spin on the wonderful things that can happen.

Below are two of the seven things you gain:
"You make room for new types of relationships.
If you and your bestie are finishing each other's sentences, it might be hard for anyone else to enter the picture, platonically or otherwise. As your relationship with your best friend matures, you'll become more accessible to people, even ones who've been around all along. Maybe you'll finally grab that happy hour drink with your co-worker or you'll realize that your next-door neighbor is actually pretty funny (and also shamelessly watches "Say Yes To The Dress")."

"You might discover different sides to yourself.
It can be easy to default to the "you" that you are around your best friend, even if you're a multi-faceted snowflake of a person. Surrounding yourself with different people more often can allow you to discover a side to yourself you didn't even know existed. Sure, you're a 12-year-old goofball around your best friend, but you might just be a film noir buff in-the-making, too -- and you should allow yourself to try that on for size more often."

What do you think?  Would you add any other things?

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