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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friendship and Work

Have you ever run into a sticky situation with your work friends and been unsure how to manage?  Read How to Handle Awkward Situations With Your Work Friends by Natasha Burton for some common situations and how to deal with them.

An excerpt:
"You’re Close With Your Boss — and You Get Into a Fight  

Perhaps your boss is like a mentor to you, or maybe you two have connected on a deeper level and spend time together outside of work. Unfortunately, this connection doesn't shield you from disagreements. Nor does it change that fact that she’s your boss. 

If a conflict comes up, stay professional and friendly rather than jumping on the defensive. If the conflict was small — like a disagreement that got a little more aggressive than necessary — send a quick email to smooth things over. If the situation escalated to the point of hurt feelings or unprofessional behavior, schedule a time to talk about it outside the office. Having some time to cool off and the ability to talk away from your desks will give you a better chance of emerging with your working relationship and your friendship intact."

Good advice!

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