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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Men and Friendships

In Why Every Man Needs Platonic Female Friends by Jeremy Glass, the age old question, "Can men be friends with women?" is explored in a positive way.

Glass discusses the benefits of men having platonic female friends, which include healthy communication skills, a greater understanding of the opposite sex, as well as learning how to balance friendships and romantic relationships.

An excerpt:
"One of the coolest parts of guys having female friends is the wisdom they glean from having what Dr. Walsh calls "an insider view of the other gender." 

OK, not every male friend is going to be able to tell you why so many dudes love Buffalo chicken and the movie Gladiator, and not every female friend is going to take the time to explain what bobby pins are and how exactly they work. 

When you're dating someone, you get an abbreviated view of how his or her mind works. My female friends always help me figure out how I've accidentally offended my girlfriend when I'm feeling particularly clueless. Did you know that women don't like it when you fall asleep in front of the TV during date night?"

What do you think?  Can men and women just be friends? 


  1. Are you saying married men should have platonic relationships with women?

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    2. Thanks for your question. I think it can be helpful, but it's really up to the individual how he/she feels about it.