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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Movies and Friendship

I recently watched You Again – a movie about a successful young woman, Marni, who finds out that her brother is engaged to Joanna, someone who bullied Marni in high school.   All Marni wants is an apology from Joanna, but Joanna pretends as if she’s never met Marni – even though it becomes clear that Joanna remembers her.  

Marni’s mother and Joanna’s aunt have a history – they were BFF’s in high school but had a falling out, and so the audience watches them also try to work through their feelings from the past, albeit in juvenile and comedic ways.

I found the movie interesting as it pertains to those from the past, specifically how our painful female experiences truly affect us, and make us who we are today.  It brings up the question: Can people change?  I was also reminded of the movie Mean Girls and what happens when the girls grow up and enter adulthood.

Have you experienced running into someone who wasn’t that nice to you when you were young?  Or vice versa?  Did it bring up memories or were you able to resolve your feelings with the person?  Is this why so many women get anxious/fearful/a bit insane about high school reunions?

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  1. I think it would depend on how the person acted towards to me now. I have ran into people from hs who weren't necessarily mean to ME then but just weren't the nicest people, and now they are really nice so I don't really judge as I know we all did dumb things back then. If they were still kind of mean/dismissive then I'd probably start thinking about how I felt back then and try to avoid them now :)

    The reunion fear is more just my fear of awkward convos haha!