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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Summer television is not all that exciting - unless you enjoy reality TV, you're in another category - so I tend to watch shows that look semi-interesting and then decide whether or not to stick with the season. 

One of which, Mistresses (ABC, Mondays), is about four women and their complicated lives: in a nutshell, each woman is dealing with her own issues, such as infertility, love and sexuality, to name a few.  The concept of the show is also about cheating and how that impacts these women, their families and their relationships.  In last week's episode, one of the characters shares with her friend that she cheated on her husband and the friend has no sorry feelings.  This scenario made me think about my own friends and how I'd react if they were married, cheated on their spouse, and then shared it with me in confidence.  Would I think differently of my friend?

We want to be there for our BFFs, but they may make a decision (like cheating) that rocks our own views/morals/feelings.  Depending on your experience with cheating - say your boyfriend of five years cheated on you or your parents divorced due to an unfaithful parent - you may not be cool with your friend's actions.  Would it break the friendship or cause awkwardness or tension between you two?

Have you been in this situation - either you told your friend that you cheated OR your friend told you that she cheated?  How did you react?  Did it change the friendship? 

I'm actually quite curious to know your views, so please feel free to share them - you can comment anonymously if that makes you feel better! 

1 comment:

  1. Interesting- I'll have to check out this show. I agree summer TV is not good!

    The last time I had a friend actually cheat it was in college and we could not stand the friend's bf at the time ha, so I didn't really care much to be honest. It's completely different now though especially for friends that are married. I'm not really sure how I would react! I'm happy so far this has not happened!