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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pitch Perfect

I recently watched the movie Pitch Perfect.  It was filled with amazing singing and hysterical one-liners (Rebel Wilson is hilaaaaarious).  It was also filled with female friendship and what happens when you throw a bunch of women together who are all different and unique in their own ways.  I enjoyed watching the process of these women (aka The Barden Bellas in the a cappella collegiate singing group) as they learn to respect and actually come to like one another.  It showed how first impressions are not always right, and also, that over time, we can learn to like others as we accept who they are, the good and the bad.

In one scene, the ladies go around and share something that others don't know about them; it was a growing moment for everyone as they opened up and allowed themselves to be vulnerable.  It was a funny, yet genuine scene that reminded me of when you learn something personal about a friend that deepens the bond of the friendship. 

The entire movie was so much fun to watch (at times, I wanted to get up and dance), so I'm including the final scene (SPOILER ALERT: don't watch if you haven't seen the movie!!), where The Barden Bellas come together and share their awesomeness with each other, and the audience...oh yea, it's a rockin' number!  Go ahead, have a dance party!

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