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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Many of you know I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook...and social media, for that matter.  I go back and forth with how helpful or how hurtful it can be, especially in how it impacts our relationships.  Thus, below is a great article to share about this very topic (and you may even recognize a familiar name in the article!).

Are You Suffering from Social Network Syndrome?

What are your thoughts about social network syndrome?  Do you feel you have a good balance with how you utilize social media?


  1. I actually like social media (I like to think I'm not crazy about it). I don't think it has replaced face to face at all for me, but it helps me stay more connected to people i wouldn't otherwise have time to. However, I laughed reading this article because I do occasionally compare myself and then realize how stupid it is. After going on a 12 day trip this summer, I was home for maybe 5 days before I was looking at pictures on facebook wondering why everyone was on vacation except me haha. I had to give myself a quick reality check there :)

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I wish more people would give themselves a reality check!