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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Friendship With Men vs. Women

An old friend from high school shared with me that for a long time, she only had male friends, which was easier for her to maintain than female friends.  For me, I find that my male friendships do seem easier.  I have one very close male friend with whom the relationship seems to flow naturally; even though we live in different states, I feel the friendship is solid and drama-free.  Thus, I can understand why women sometimes prefer male friends over female ones.

I find this topic interesting because there is a difference when it comes to having male and female friends.  I often hear women discuss how they can't stand the drama of some of their female friends, and so they spend more time with their male friends.  But as we all know, males can have drama too!

I also believe that when females have been hurt by other females, they may be more inclined to seek out male friendships due to past painful experiences.  There is a fear of entering into another friendship that may end badly.  I can understand that mentality, however, we can't let our fears get in the way of potential positive friendships.

I think there are benefits to having both male and female friends, and having a healthy balance of both.

What do you think?  Do you prefer one group over the other?  If so, is it because of your friendship experiences?


  1. I always think this is an interesting topic for various reasons, especially because sometimes male/female relationships can be complicated for other reasons :)

    Anyway, I have definitely found males to be easier to be friends with over the years. I love how they are much less dramatic, more willing to be up for anything and just tell you it like it is. On the other hand, in my adult/busy life, I've found it harder to keep in touch with my guy friends than my girl friends. However, if I don't see/talk to the guys for long periods of time, we can usually catch right up where we were.

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I definitely agree with you about the direct approach with male friends.