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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Long-Distance Friendships

I came across this article on why long-distance friendships are awesome, which I couldn't agree more!  One of my best friends from graduate school lives in another state and our friendship has never been stronger because we both put in the effort and time to keep it going through emails, phone calls and text messages.

10 Reasons Why Long-Distance Friendships Make For The Strongest Bonds by Kirsten Corley

What's been your experience with long-distance friendships?  Do you agree with the article?

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  1. Since the first thing I did after finishing college and turning 18 was to move to indonesia for a year (from germany) and when I came back I decided to move from northern Germany to Bavaria I'm pretty used to log distance friendships. And I learned that they can come in very different shapes.
    For example I have my best friends. There were times when we lived in different countires, even continents. Now it's just different parts of Germany but still we just got closer over the years. We still text eachother almost daily and we're the first to contact if anything - major or minor - is happening. When we visit eachother we're perfectly happy with just whatever. Even staying in for a whole weekend doesn't get boring with her. Also we meet up at concerts or festivals where both of us have to drive miles and miles to just to enjoy this time together.
    And we established yearly holidays. Depending on our budgets they are alwas different but we always make it work. We motivate eachother to finish our papers on time just to meet up again.

    But beside with her I'm not a person who likes to text people or call them. So with many of my friends it's more like "hey I'm in town, you've got time?" or "I've got the weekend off, can I come visit you?" and it's easy-going. Even though we haven't heard from eachother in months it works just the way it did before. And you get even more excited to catch up. And they still no that no matter what time or how long we haven't talked they cann always call me in case of an emergency and I'll try everything possible to get to them and to help them. And vice versa.

    Sure I miss my long distance friends at times but they're only a few friendships that get awkward and maybe that are the ones to let go.