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Monday, October 1, 2012

Location, Location, Location

As we become older, many of us "settle down" and find a place where we see ourselves living for a long time - at least that's the goal, right?!  For some, it's having a beach nearby; for others, it's having (and experiencing) four seasons.  Some go where their work takes them, while others choose the location because their family lives there.  

For me, I re-located for two reasons: one due to Arizona's warm and sunny weather, and the second due to having family close by.  I actually re-located from a place where I had a good network of friends - so it was a tough decision to make.  Remember, our family are our friends, too!  I've had to make new friends and keep in contact with old ones, so thankfully it has been a somewhat smooth transition.

Location is important when looking at our friendships.  Many of my close friends live in other places and so we maintain our friendship through text, e-mail and phone calls.  Of course, I wish I could see these friends more regularly, but it's just not possible unless someone moves (which I don't see happening in the near future). 

Which factors did you consider when deciding on where to live?  Was it family, friends and/or work?  Or did you not have a say in the matter?  Did where you friends live factor into your decision? 

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  1. Eric and I have stayed here because of family, though we do yell at ourselves often for choosing to live in a place with such bad weather. We often joke that we should just move both our families to Hawaii, or Arizona :) A lot of my friends live nearby too, but those that don't I keep in touch with through the phone, facebook, gchat etc :)