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Monday, October 29, 2012

New Girl

Let me first start out by saying that New Girl (Fox, Tuesdays) has become one of my favorite television shows.  If you're not watching it, I strongly encourage that you do.

Okay, moving on...
Last week's episode had so much material regarding the topic of friendship that I found myself glued to the TV for the entire half hour.  From male to female friendships, the show explored how time impacts friendships - such as how we may come to wonder why we're still friends with certain people.

At the end of the episode, there was a small interaction that required me to rewind the DVR about 3 times to make sure I wrote it down correctly:
Jess: "Do you think if we met today, we would still be friends?"
Cece: "I don't know, but we're friends now."

Jess and Cece have been friends since childhood, and as they get older, Jess feels as though they may be going in different directions.  Cece is a model and Jess is currently unemployed and trying to find her way.  The show does a great job at looking at friendships in the present day, yet also brings up the question: if you met your BFF today, would the friendship work?  I went to sleep that night thinking about many of my friendships and wondered if I met them today, we would "hit it off"?  For some friendships, I wasn't so sure.

Would you still be friends with those around you if you met today?  Do you wonder about some of your friendships and why/how you're still friends?

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  1. Such a good question- I need to watch this show. The answer is, most of my friends I would still be friends with if I met now... but there are a few where that is probably not the case :)