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Monday, January 28, 2013


As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the television show New Girl.  Last week's episode was so good I had to rewind my DVR a few times to make sure I wrote down the correct word: Pogo.  For those of you who did not watch this episode, "Pogo" is when you make fun of your friends behind their backs for something they do that bothers/frustrates/annoys you. 

The episode focused on the roommates' Pogos and what they are, such as being the know-it-all (Jess) and having gross toenails (Schmidt).  As a viewer, it was interesting to see how the characters reacted to finding out what their Pogo is and that their friends talk about it behind their backs.  It made me think of what my Pogo is - what my friends talk about behind my back that they can't stand.  Maybe it's my weird sense of humor or my need to be early to everything?  Actually, don't answer that...

I also thought about the idea behind Pogo-ing: that even our closest friends talk about us behind our backs.  I would be lying to say that this doesn't happen.  There are things our friends do or say that bother us and/or things that we don't like about our friends, yet many of us are afraid to speak up or do not want to hurt our friend's feelings.  For example, Schmidt's gross toenails - I probably would not tell my BFF if she had gross toenails.  There's being honest and then being just plain rude and insulting.

The whole idea of Pogo-ing is interesting, especially how it relates to female friendship, and how there are some things you don't talk about in front of your friends - rather, you do it behind their backs.  So horrible, but kind of true.  

What are your thoughts about this?  What's your Pogo?  What are your friends' Pogos?

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  1. Nicole! Love your post! I think that people can be great friends but still have a trait or two that the other may get annoyed with. For example, I have a close friend that I lived with that would turn the water on and walk away to do something and then go back to the running water. As somebody that conserves resources and doesn't like to waste it killed me to watch this. I think I mentioned something to her about it once and she didn't take it well. Oh well, I gave it a shot. I guess I was standing up for mother nature, haha. In the end, she is still a good person:)